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In 1860, when the main industries were fishing, farming, and granite quarrying, a group of citizens joined together to establish a church.   From this beginning until today, the Union Church of Vinalhaven has provided a faithful ministry and witness to Jesus Christ.  The term “Union” indicates that from its inception the Church was meant to be inclusive and multi-denominational yet receptive to the best insights of mainline Protestant traditions.   We endeavor to live a true Christian life; walk together in love, sharing each other’s joys and bearing each other’s burdens; we will maintain private and family devotions by teaching our family  the teachings of Jesus; we will faithfully assemble ourselves for worship and work for the church;  and we will contribute as God has prospered us, for the support of the church, the relief of the poor, and the spread the Gospel over the earth.

The purpose of this Church shall be first, to win people to a personal allegiance to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, second to train them in Christian character and third, to help spread the gospel message of Christ throughout the world.  In accordance with this purpose the Church accepts the Holy Scriptures as the foundation of its doctrinal beliefs and its guide in matters of Christian living.

Mission Statement   - Drafted approximately 1860 - 

The Union Church is an active church that can be seen by the types of

activities in-house and missions which we administer and support:​

  • Worship ministry

  • Choir/Special Music

  • Counseling

  • Women’s Circle

  • Baptism, Weddings, Memorials

  • Sunshine Committee

  • Blanket Ministry (Church World Services)

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry

  • Bean Suppers (6 in the summer)

  • Monday Community Lunchbox

  • Jingle Bells Christmas Fund

  • Four weekly Meditation Groups

  • Food Pantry

  • Pet Food Pantry

  • Interfaith Services

  • AA

  • Craft group

 - The Union Church of Vinalhaven is supported by the VH Lions Club and The Wind publication  - 

Union Church VH History
Founded 1860
United Church of Christ
Maine Seacoast Mission
Window Restoration
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Our Ministers and Support

Pastoral Support
Dedicated and Caring Support

Reverend John Potter is a minister of the United Church of Christ.  He is a graduate of Amherst College and Andover Theological School.  Rev. Potter served the Wiscasset UCC Church for eleven years before coming to Union Church.  Prior to moving to Maine in 2002, he served churches in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  He and wife, Marcia, love to sail and always take their three dogs when cruising.  They have three children and nine grandchildren.

Rev John Potter

It takes a lot of work to keep things running smoothly and to execute all of our programs, and we are lucky to have a so many wonderful individuals that help.


Main contacts:

Church 863-2598

Holly Sault, Facility use

Candi Barton, Lunch Box, Food Pantry & Choir  863-2001

Holly Sault, Christian Education

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Union Church of Vinalhaven

25 East Main Street, Vinalhaven, ME 04863


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