The Union Church of Vinalhaven hosts many programs and offers many diverse services to meet the needs of our island community.


The Church Vestry hosts many community groups and programs: 


*  Weekly women’s craft gathering

*  Meditation group

*  Alcoholics Anonymous

*  The Wind (our island weekly) is assembled in the Vestry

*  Our Jingle Bells initiative collects toys and clothes for children at Christmas

*  The congregation joins together to collect school supplies for The Vinalhaven School each September

Occasional community fundraisers and educational programs also happen here. Call the church office for
more information at 863-2598.

Religious Services

Services at the Union Church VH
are held in the main Church:

Sunday Morning services are 11:00 AM.

Silent Meditation is ​4:30-5:00 PM,

Mon, Wed and Sat.

Choir Rehearsal on Thursday at 3 PM.



Bible Study​

Each week one of our ministers leads Bible Study at the Calderwood Homestead, Mondays 5.30p. ​

For more information call one of our Pastors or the Ivan Calderwood Homestead 863-4600.

Christian Education

"A Year in Love and Service"


Our Christian Education program is open to children of all ages on Sundays at 10a. 

Led by Holly Sault, Christian Education Coordinator and Musician, "A Year in Love and Service" provides the children with a new project each month, working together to determine what the needs of the community and of the world are, then determining what they can do to help.

AA​ (Alcoholics Anonymous)

We welcome you.

Mondays 7a

Tuesday and Friday 7p​

Food Ministries

The Church has an active food ministry:

Join us for a community
home-cooked meal,
Mondays at 11:30AM. 

Our Community Lunch sharing offers inclusion, friendship and the building of community bonds.  Round and communal tables encourage conversation in our bright cafeteria, adorned with flowering plants and flooded with natural light. The activity of volunteers and guests along with home made and scrumptious food generates a warm social environment and one you might expect at a shared meal.

Meals on Wheels The church
hosts the Meals on Wheels
program and the Vinalhaven
Food Pantry. If you or
someone you know needs
food, call the church: 863-2598. 

Bean Suppers 


In the summer 

The Circle of Union Church sponsors the 

ever popular bean supper - a treat not to be missed. Check our calendar or The Wind for dates and times.

Food Pantry Available to all in need. Volunteers to help organize are always welcome.

Pet Food Pantry For those who need help with their beloved pets, the Union Church offers help with this, too.


Speak to one of us

at the Church to learn

more about our

various outreach services.

Let's Talk!


Talking about difference with respect.

Offering  a space where each voice can be heard.   A place to meet hatred with love.

Pub Theology

Are you looking for a place to talk about your spiritual journey? 

Are you ready to listen to others talk about theirs?


Pub Theology offers an atmosphere of mutual listening and respect for diversity where all questions are welcomed.

Other services and outreach with our Community-based Ministries provided by the Union Church of Vinalhaven

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