The Union Church of Vinalhaven hosts many programs and offers many diverse services to meet the needs of our island community. Due to the current global pandemic, many of these programs and services have been suspended, while others are still operating but in a modified manner. Please do not hesitate to check in with us about any of these, and be sure to share your thoughts on new programs we might be able to offer that you think could serve the community in a new way.


We look forward to the time when it is safe to gather together again, and when the many community groups and programs hosted by The Church Vestry can resume, such as: 


*  Weekly women’s craft gathering

*  Meditation group

*  Alcoholics Anonymous and AlAnon

*  The Wind (our island weekly) is assembled in the Vestry

*  Our Jingle Bells initiative collects toys and clothes for children at Christmas

*  The congregation joins together to collect school supplies for The Vinalhaven School each September

The Vestry building is also used for community fundraisers and educational programs. Call 863-2598 for more information.

Union Church, Union Church VH, Vinalhaven
Religious Services

Services in the main Church are offered both in house and on Zoom at this time.

Sunday Morning services are now being held at 11am Sundays - both in person and via Zoom. We will also post the recordings to our FB page and on this website. Contact Betsy Walsh for more info.

Silent Meditation is being held each Wednesday and Saturday, ​4:30-5:00pm.

Choir Rehearsal is being held each Thursday at 3pm.

- Please check back for updates -


Union Church, AA, Al-Anon
AA​ (Alcoholics Anonymous)

We welcome you.

Though in-person meetings have been suspended, online meetings are being held.

For more information please email


Meetings Mondays and Thursday 4:30pm

Zoom Meetings

You may email or call 952-1817 for more information. Additional meetings may be found at

Al-Anon Family Groups is a worldwide fellowship that offers a program of recovery for families and friends of alcoholics, whether or not the alcoholic recognizes the existence of a drinking problem or seeks help.

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Christian Education


Our Christian Education program is open to children of all ages, though our in-person meetings at the Church are suspended at this time.


Union Church VH, Vinalhaven, Bible Study
Bible Study​

Our Bible Study at the Calderwood Homestead has been suspended due 

to the pandemic, but we look forward 

to providing an alternative soon.


The heart and soul of the Union Church

Union Church Meals on Wheels, Union Church, Union Church VH, Vinalhaven, Food Ministry, VH Food Ministry, VH Meals on Wheels, meals on wheels logo

Meals on Wheels 

The church continues to
host the Meals on Wheels
program and the Vinalhaven
Food Pantry.


If you or someone you know needs
food, call the church 863-2598. 

Food Pantry

Despite the pandemic, our Food Pantry is still going strong. Please call ahead to set-up.

Available to all in need. Volunteers to help organize are always welcome.

Union Church Food Pantry, Union Church, Union Church VH, Vinalhaven, Food Ministry, VH Food Ministry, VH Food Pantry
Union Church, Union Church VH, Vinalhaven, Lunch Box
Union Church, Union Church VH, Vinalhaven, Lunch Box, Food, Meals
Food Ministry, LunchBox, Lunch, Union Church, Union Church VH, Vinalhaven


Join us for a community
home-cooked meal,
Mondays at 11:30AM. (Delivery only at this time.)

Union Church, Union Church VH, VInalhaven, Church, Lunch Box, Luncheon, Food Ministry

Our Community Lunch sharing offers inclusion, friendship and the building of community bonds.  Round and communal tables encourage conversation in our bright cafeteria, adorned with flowering plants and flooded with natural light. The activity of volunteers and guests along with home made and scrumptious food generates a warm social environment and one you might expect at a shared meal. We look forward to when we can resume Lunchbox.

Bean Suppers 


Bean Suppers are a long-standing tradition in Maine, and have been enjoyed by many here on Vinalhaven for years.


During the summer The Circle of Union Church 

sponsors the ever-popular Bean Supper - 

a treat not to be missed. Come try 

different kinds of beans, and enjoy the 

friendship and community that comes

along with them. 


Call ahead to make reservations as they 

sell out regularly. 

Union Church, Union Church VH, Vinalhaven, Bean Supper, Union Church Bean Supper, Church Bean Supper, Beans, Food Ministry, VH

Pet Food Pantry

We all love our pets! Our pet food pantry happens at the same time as our food pantry.


Let's Talk!

Talking about difference with respect.

Offering  a space where each voice can be heard.   A place to meet hatred with love.

Other services and outreach with our Community-based Ministries provided by the Union Church of Vinalhaven

Speak to one of us

at the Church to learn

more about our

various outreach services.