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Contact Garage Innovations today! 218.791.8426 Today’s concrete floor coatings are anything BUT boring! Epoxy/Poly floor coverings are very cost effective and also their impermeable seal makes them a must , truly unique, one-of-a-kind design. Call Dream Garage Specialists at 512 778-5923 for your FREE in-home consultation today! We work on both residential and commercial projects! See our services we offer you. Let us help you re-design your home! From Saltillo Cleaning Installation, To Garage Epoxy Flooring, To Even Brick Pavers We Do It All. Epoxy coatings seal and protect concrete surfaces while providing unparalleled durability. These surfaces resist stains, chemicals, moisture and grease. Even high-traffic areas retain their like-new appearance for years or even decades. Think of these finishes for garages, workshops or anywhere else you’d like to have great looking floors that can stand up to almost anything you can throw at them.cost of full renovation houseOf course, not everyone has thousands of pounds to spare, and over a quarter of those surveyed 26.12% said they had to borrow money from family or friends to complete the work. Use this calculator to help you plan out cost , clients make the decision to renovate their homes, one of the most common questions they ask is how much their project will cost. While coming up with a budget for the work that needs to be done is important, answering the question in general terms is not so easy. The cost of renovating depends on the age, size and the number of changes a home needs. The materials and upgrades chosen also play a part. The typical cost at this finish level starts at $28,500 for 35-square-feet. The 2021 Cost vs. Value Report cites an average renovation cost of $82,838 for a high-end project, based on a bathroom over 200 square feet. Features at this level include new ductwork, radiant heated floors, custom cabinetry, separate shower, freestanding tub, and custom lighting.cost of second storyThis is perhaps the most important decision youll make. Adding a second story in Los Angeles is no handyman project. It requires skills and experience. Therefore, its in your best interest to work with a """"""""



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