Window Restoration

When you enter the sanctuary at the Union Church the first things that you see are the beautiful stained glass windows along both side walls leading up to the alter. There is one in particular that holds special significance for the members and friends of the church. Placed in the middle on the front side of the church, this window depicts Jesus meeting a woman at the well. It is of special interest to the Church because the theme of the window and the story depicted are of inclusion. It would not have been appropriate for Jesus to go to the well during the day and talk to a woman from Samaria. It also would not have been appropriate for him to talk with a woman of such ill repute. But Jesus doesn't care. He breaks from all tradition and reaches out in kindness and love to the woman.

The Union Church prides itself in reaching out to everyone.

It doesn't matter how old you are, where you are from, what your background or sexual orientation are. The Union Church opens its arms to everyone who comes through its doors. This why, when the window was in need of major repair, members of the church and the community raised over $50,000 over a three-year period to have the window sent to Massachusetts to be completely refurbished.


Today the window is proudly back in place, watching over the congregation as it worships very Sunday, shining its light on the church as it hosts other concerts and events in its sanctuary. It is a testimony to the spirit of Union Church.

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